TriStagic Degreasing Pickling And Passivation Emulsions, SS, Stainless Steel Pickling Chemicals, Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter, Consultants, Satara, India

TriStagic Degreasing Pickling Passivation Emulsions - SEPTOX - TRIGEL

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of SS passivation chemicals, also we are service provider, pickling line designer and passivation consultants. This is the TriPhasic Degreasing, Pickling, Passivation Emulsion for Austenitic Stainless Steel. This is the TriPhasic emulsion which is brush application on stainless welded surfaces.

BiStagic Pickling Passivation Chemicals - SEPTOX - CROSS

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of SS passivation chemicals, also we are service provider, pickling bath and passivation bath consultants. This is BiPhasic Pickling and Passivation Chemical for variety of small to large components in SS 202, SS304, SS316, SS316L. This combines the separate processes like Pickling and Passivation in a reaction one after another. This saves the chemical, costs, time, and environmental load to dispose off.

Stainless Steel ( SS ) Pickling Chemicals - SEPTOX - PIC

We are manufacturer, exporter of SS pickling chemicals, also we are pickling bath consultants. Weld Pool Pickling Gel, Weld line Pickler chemicals supplier. This is the Pickling agent for the weldline black carbon heat marks. This also dissolves the burnt carbon scale on the surface along with the heat affected zones. This is also used as the descalants for burnt carbon scales.

ETCHANTS for Metals and Alloys

We chemically etch a wide variety of different grades, such as the austenitic ( 300 series ) and martensitic ( 400 series ), 410, 430, 17-7PH, 301, 302 / 304, 316 - biocompatible used in medical devices Nitinol, INVAR, KOVAR, Titanium, Aluminum, inconel, Hastelloy Etc.

Due to its versatility stainless steel is used in a wide variety of products in many industry sectors. Variety of components that range from stainless steel are heat exchanger shims, metal enclosures and facia panels with etched details. Multi-stage profiled cutting blades for the medical industry. Springs, shims and washers for aerospace applications. In the automotive sector diaphragm springs.

Stainless steel is also a preferred metal due to its corrosion resistance properties and for the different versatile grades that are available. The temper or hardness of the material doesn't affect our chemical etching process, we are able to etch delicately soft stainless in the annealed condition or very hard grades.