We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Passivation, Pickling, Treatment, Anti Tarnishing Chemicals for Ferro Nickel Alloys, FeNi, Kovar from Satara, India

Ferro Nickel Alloys ( FeNi ) Kovar, Invar Corrosion Passivation / Pickling / Treatment Chemicals

KOVAR : Kovar was invented to meet the need for a reliable glass-to-metal seal, which is required in electronic devices such as light bulbs, vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, and in vacuum systems. The name Kovar is often used as a general term for Fe–Ni alloys with these particular thermal expansion properties.
INVAR : The same expansion behavior as borosilicate glass, and because of that are used for optical parts in a wide range of temperatures and applications, such as satellites. FerroNickel Alloys are used at very wide range of temperatures and thus exposed to stresses. To avoid surface properties to compromise.

Cupronickel Alloys ( CuNi ) Corrosion Passivation / Pickling / Treatment Chemicals

Mainly marine and defense articles are prepared from these alloys. The Alloys being exposed to saline conditions and fouling medias it suffers from corrosion. It needs very critical surface protection. The process needs the regular dozing and repetition in order to avoid corrosion due to fouling.

Copper ( Cu ) Alloy Corrosion AntiTarnishing / Treatment Chemicals

COPPER is readily reactive to atmospheric changes. It undergoes tarnishing and erosion. The electrical, mechanical and engineered components need to have sufficient process to ensure surface protection. Copper passivation is challenging to establish. The designed methods of passivation.

Brass ( CuZn ) Alloy Corrosion Passivation / Treatment Chemicals

Many mechanical, electrical, plumbing and precision components are made up of brass. The brass goes tarnishing in natural course of time in open environment. In case of Brazing and Soldering processes with dissimilar metals and alloys it undergoes galvanic corrosion and delivers white rust. It needs the passivation to avoid it fullest.

Silver ( Ag ) Articles Anti Tarnishing Chemicals

Silver is precious metals with wide us in ornaments and industrial products. Due to its inert abilities it is metal of choice for many ornaments and instruments. However the environmental effects make it susceptible to Tarnishing. The Silver Anti Tarnishing Chemical ARGENTUM 200 dissolved the tarnished scale keeping the metal un-reacted or un-dissolved. The ARGENTUM 200 has various domestic, commercial and industrial uses. It is available in medium to bulk packing.