We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Food and Pharma Grade Pickling and Passivation Chemicals, For Cutlery Articles from Satara, Maharashtra, India

Food and Pharma grade Pickling and Passivation Chemicals ( ASME BPE 2009, GMP SS )

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of food pharma grade, ASME BPE 2009 SS passivation chemicals. Food and Pharma grade passivation has the great significance as the special needs of food and pharma equipments with respect to food and pharma standards. The Instruments and equipments are meant to produce products for human consumption. Thus the passivation products are designed accordingly. This passivation offers the durable corrosion resistance and leaves the food contact surface difficult to grow microorganisms. The Ra Value is maintained even after passivation. We also deliver passivation certification to results measured with KOSLOW PASSIVATION TESTER 2026.

Cutlery Articles Passivation Chemicals ( Kitchenware Stainless Steel Passivation, Household SS ware Passivation )

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of SS Cutlery Articles passivation chemicals. This is the small and niche fields but widely growing across the world. The need for passivation in cutlery is recent as the quality of cutlery is valued and it is commercially important. The Cutlery is being quickly washed with state of art washing machine. The salts and the process conditions make the cutlery prone to corrosion. Ultimately it is directly in contact with human food. Passivation chemicals to cutlery gives the corrosion resistance and durability to household and commercial cutlery articles.

Chemical Projects Passivation Chemicals ( SS Product Piping Passivation, Chemical plant SS Tank, SS Lines Passivation )

We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter of SS passivation chemicals also we are service provider, process designer and consultants in the field of SS pickling passivation process. Chemical plants consists of pressure, temperature reaction and extremes of conditions set to produce the chemicals. The most of the chemicals are itself corrosive to some or other materials. The maintenance of the chemical plant is the challenge for the owners. There is brisk wear and tear of the chemical equipments and need the replacements regularly. The corrosion in pressure vessel and variety of piping of chemicals lead of potential risk of accidental leakage or cracking of the equipment. While manufacturing these chemical plant equipment a great care has to be taken to reduce corrosion. The passivation chemicals manufactured by our company handles such challenges. This delivers longer life and assured safer operation in chemical plant avoiding corrosion failures.