STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINUM, MAGNESIUM, TITANIUM, NITINOL, COBALT CHROME ALLOY, Kovar, Invar, Inconel, MP35N, SS 303, SS 304, SS 316, SS 410, SS 416, SS 420, SS 440, SS 17-4PH, SS 17-7PH

General Surgical Instruments Passivation Chemicals

Articulator, Bone chisel, cartilage crusher, Bone cutter, Bone distractor, Ilizarov apparatus, Intramedullary kinetic bone distractor, Bone drill passivation, Bone lever, Bone mallet, Bone rasp, Bone saw passivation, Caliper, Cannula, Cautery, Curette, Depressor, Dilator, Dissecting knife, surgical Pinzette, Dermatome, Dissecting Forceps, Tissue Forceps, Bone forceps, Mosquito forceps passivation, Nerve hook, Obstetrical hook, Skin hook, Lancet (scalpel), Lythotome, Lythotript, Mallet, Mammotome, Needle holder, Occluder, Osteotome, elevator, Probe, Retractor, Rib spreader, Laser scalpel, Iris scissors, Kiene scissors, Mayo scissors, Tenotomy scissors Passivation, Spatula, Speculum, Mouth speculum, Rectal speculum, Sim's vaginal speculum, Cusco's vaginal speculum Passivation, Sponge bowl, Sterilization tray, Sternal saw blade passivation, Surgical hook Passivation, Surgical knife, Surgical needle, Surgical snare, Surgical spoon, Surgical stapler, Surgical tray Passivation, Tongue depressor, Tonsillotome, Towel clamp, Towel forceps, Tracheotome, Tissue expander, Trephine, Trocar Passivation.

Micro-Surgical Instruments Passivation Chemicals

Scissors, Forceps, Artery Forceps, Needle Holders, Rongeurs & Bone Cutters, Clamps, Retractors Passivation. Curettes, Raspatories, Elevators, Osteotomes, Chisels, Microsurgical Instruments, Stille Retractor Systems Passivation.

Dental Instruments Passivation Chemicals

Passivation Chemicals for Dental mirrors, Probes, Dental, Periodontal, Straight probes, Cheek, Lip, Tongue retractor, Mouth prop, Dental handpieces, Dental drill Passivation, friction grip,Dental torque wrench, Restorative instruments, Spoon excavator, Dental hatchers, Chisels, Bin Angle, Burnishers Passivation, Pluggers , Periodontal scalers, Curettes, Prosthodontic instruments Passivation, Lecrons carver, Articulators, Face bow, Extraction / surgical instruments, Upper universals forceps passivation, Upper wisdom tooth forceps, Elevators, Luxators, Chisels, Osteotome, Orthodontic instruments Passivation, Ligature, Distal end cutters, Endodontic instruments passivation, Finger spreader, Finger pluggers, Endodontic explorer, Apex locator.

Opthalmic Instruments Passivation Chemicals

Eye speculum, Wire Speculum, Needle holders, Artery forceps (haemostat), Fixation forceps, dissecting forceps passivation, Iris forceps, intracapsular forceps, Colibri forceps, Superior rectus holding forceps, Suture tier forceps, Capsulotomy forceps, Disc holding forceps, Chalazion forceps (clamp), Epilation forceps (Cilia forceps), Entropion forceps passivation, Chalazion scoop, Entropion clamp, punctum dilator, Wire vectis, Irrigating vectis, Irrigation-aspiration two-way canula, Lacrimal canula Passivation, lacrimal dissector with scoop, self retaining adjustable haemostatic retractor, Cat's paw retractor, lid retractor Passivation, Bone punch, Evisceration spoon, Lid plate, Hammer, chisel and bone gouge, Bowmen's discission needle, Knives to cut structures, Surgical scalpel with small blades, cataract knife, (Sclero-corneal splitter), Crescent knife passivation, Angular keratome, Side-port blade, Beer's knife, Keratotome Passivation, Conjunctival sac scissors, iris scissors, Bowman's lacrimal probe, Lens expressor, spoon, Iris repositor, Strabismus hook, Foreign body spud and needle, corneal trephine Passivation.